Article published in new book, Riding the Alligator!

An article I wrote at USC has been featured in a newly published book by Pen Densham.  Pen is a supremely talented and accomplished filmmaker, and I highly recommend his new book, Riding the Alligator: Strategies for a Career in Screenplay Writing (And Not Getting Eaten).

From his press release:

Available in bookstores and online January 2011.  Published by MWP.  Foreword by Jay Roach (director of Austin Powers, Meet the Parents, Dinner for Schmucks).  Riding The Alligator is written by successful Award Winning Hollywood Producer-Writer-Director and USC adjunct professor, Pen Densham.
This is the first book that explores both specific screenplay writing techniques, while simultaneously imparting industry-tested strategies for carving a successful, long term career. (



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